Why I am Running

I am asking for your support for my candidacy for State Delegate in Annapolis in 2014. I hope to help reshape the process and fundamentally change the way politics is done in our state. I understand that I am just one person, but something powerful always starts with one person, or one idea, or one vote.

We are all concerned with the direction of this country and state. We are further divided than ever before. Race, age, gender, religion, and political parties divide us. The most properous and free society risks total implosion due to our inability to work together. We desperately need fresh voices.. We need servants in Annapolis who are searching for solutions instead of easy ways to get re-elected. We need leaders to inspire people to become part of the process. We need representatives to instill a confidence in the public that they can make a difference. We need people who will dare pursue solutions to problems we face, whether they come from the left or right.

I am ashamed that for the first time in our history our generation is turning the country and state over to the next generation in worse shape then we inherited it. I look at my son and daughter and am devastated that they may have no chance to experience the American Dream and instead will be paying our debt. I see a country and state that thinks government is the solution to all of the society's ills. I see a country and state that has implemented a nanny-state system that is simply unsustainable. I grew up being told about a country where we would be working shorter days and achieving greater wealth. Instead I find higher taxes making gross pay smaller, while parents are bogged down by commitments that keep the family from functioning effectively. I see a political system that in many cases does not work for the people they are sworn to serve. In many cases the political process has failed to solve problems of the state and country.

Far worse, I see people who have simply given up. They have given up on the system and their future. It's time to get involved.

I can't give up. This is America! We have faced down terrible circumstances in the past and have always flourished in the face of adversity. Our forefathers have always risen to the occasion to overcome whatever ills came our way. I hope and pray that we still have that courage and convictions running through our veins. I see it in times of trouble. Well these are times of trouble. We need to look at our neighbor to the left and the right, black and white, young and old, rich and poor, and see others who believe we can do this and know we are not alone. This is why I am running. To try to get folks from all walks of life to believe that we can do this together. We all need to rise up; be silent no longer. Cast self pity and selfishness aside and take responsibility for what we give to the next generation.

I need your help by way of vote and by way of financial support. I wish campaigns were all run for free but the reality is today it takes money to get your message out. We need to raise $50,000 to make this dream we share a reality. Your financial support of our efforts can and will make a difference. Please never give up on this American Dream. Things may be pretty bad right now but our forefathers have been through worse and came out stronger in the end. We too can do the same. Please step up and help us make a difference. Keep up the fight. Keep the faith. May God bless you and your family. From my family, I just want to say thanks! I hope I can make you proud.

With Humble Appreciation,

Mike Blizzard
Candidate for State Delegate District 34A