Mike on the Issues

Managing/Lowering Taxes: Just Like JFK

Cutting taxes for people and business is the best way to cut into deficits and reduce debt. Cutting taxes produces more tax revenue. This today is widely attributed to a conservative ideal. Often in the mainstream media it is painted as tax breaks for the rich while ignoring the poor. Nothing could be a bigger lie but it sells newspapers and commercial time so the media pulls at our emotions and we keep coming back. Tax cuts being a good long term solution to an ailing economy is not simply a conservative idea; it is an idea that has been shared by Republicans and Democrats alike through time. Yet somehow today the media has played the class card on all of us in an effort to stir emotions and raise ratings. Please watch Democratic President John F Kennedy speak on personal and corporate tax cuts as a way to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and increase tax revenue. This is a solution for everyone.

I don't care where solutions come most of us we just want solutions to our problems. Today there are too many folks in politics who are divided and put party loyalty before the people they are sworn to serve. It is time we put people first. The extremes of both sides have stolen the microphones and cameras and are misrepresenting us all. Most of us are in the middle and can work together to find solutions. We have a lot of common ground. Divided we will fall; but that is where we find ourselves today. It is no wonder why our problems are mounting higher and higher each day. We in the middle who are not extreme left or right need to stand up and be heard. We are what has made America great. Turn back to your neighbor and work with him or her. Do not let those who profit from division divide us any further. Let's rebuild the American Dream for the next generation. Together we can do anything!

Mike Blizzard on Business Climate and Losing Jobs to Our Neighbors

In April of 2013 Maryland lost approximately 6000 jobs; one of the highest totals in the country. We gained 2000 government jobs. That means we saw a loss of 8000 private sector jobs. Businesses are leaving Maryland for more competitive business climates in Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We can't get mad at companies for leaving our state or our country. We need to compete with neighboring states and countries around the world. We can't place such a high tax burden on businesses that they are forced to leave. Private industry is what drives the economy and provides jobs for all of us. We can't grow our economy on government jobs. For every government job created our tax dollars go up to pay that salary. That is simply unsustainable. Our governments have a responsibility to be fiscally sound enough that they can provide a competitive economic climate for businesses in this state to thrive. Maryland is a great state full of tremendous natural resources and opportunities for people to raise a family and enjoy the land of pleasant living. But our government is making it impossible to conduct business or live here affordably. We need to lower taxes to businesses to the level of our surrounding states so that they want to come here and grow their businesses and hire hard working folks who love our state and want to stay here if they can afford it.

Mike Blizzard on Education

U.S. Students Rank 32 in the World in Math Proficiency, 17 in Reading, Study Says

By School Library Journal Archive Content on August 23, 2011

Our schools in Harford County rank very high in a state that ranks number 1 in the country. Years ago that would have meant something but as we all know our country's schools have plummeted in the world rankings so being number 1 is nothing to write home about. We have continually lowered standards, taught our students to pass standardized tests, and watched classroom discipline all but disappear. It is no wonder we rank so low in the world. The one place we rank high?...self esteem. US students ranked number 1 in the world. Let's stop lowering standards so we can tell ourselves what a great job we are doing. We need to get back to what has always worked in our classrooms; a strong math and science curriculum, coupled with a new focus on foreign languages, and a learning environment that does not tolerate violence, intimidation, bullying, or disruptions to students who want to learn. Our children face a global economy of 7 billion people who are their competition for high quality jobs. The key to the American Dream is a first rate education. We owe this to our kids.

Mike Blizzard on Restoring the American Dream

What inspires me to run for public office is when I look in my kids eyes and I know we have let them down as a state and as a country. Will they have a shot at the American Dream? I hope it is not too late. There are so many who have given up and say our problems are too big to fix. I will never give up. I can't look at my kids and give up and I don't think you can either. Americans never quit. When times are their toughest; that is when we rise up and conquer the challenge. That is when we are at our best. Our problems may seem insurmountable. Our "leaders" seem to be more worried about getting re-elected than finding solutions to what we face. That means we need new leaders. We need people who will put the next generation before the next election. We need leaders who are more concerned about solutions and less concerned with party loyalty. We are a nation and state that is more divided everyday. We need to come together without concern of which side came up with an idea; let's celebrate that we found a solution working together. We are the first generation that is turning the country and state over to the next in worse shape than we inherited it. We need to take responsibility for our actions and do the right thing for our children. They should have a shot at the American Dream and we all owe it to them to give them that shot. Don't give up; I never will. Stand up with me in Annapolis and let's get this thing turned around.

Mike Blizzard on Taxes

This is not the time to be raising taxes on hard working Marylanders. The price of everything is going up and folks are clearing less from their paychecks. The simple reason is our country and our state has increased taxes at a rate faster than any cost of living raise a worker may get. The O'Malley - Brown administration raised taxes, tolls and fees 40 times. Lt. Governor Brown said the 2013 General Assembly session was a success because they passed an 800 million dollar gas tax. I don't measure success by raising taxes instead of cutting spending. We need fiscally sound solutions that will find ways to cut spending, lower taxes, while maintaining much needed services. There is enough government waste in Annapolis that we can cut the budget and reduce the tax burden on businesses and hard working Marylanders. The state of Pennsylvania has 12 million people compared to 6 million in Maryland. Pennsylvania's budget for 2013 is 28 billion dollars compared to Maryland's which is 38 billion dollars. Ask yourself; are you being overcharged? That is $2333.00 for every citizen in Pennsylvania. Every Maryland citizen pays an average of $6333.00 for their services. I think we can find some cuts in the Maryland budget.

Mike Blizzard on the Second Amendment

I will stand by any legislation that takes guns out of criminal's hands and makes them pay a more substantial price for carrying illegal weapons. The problem is none of the gun control legislation proposed or passed in this country or state has tried to address this. I will be honored to cast my votes to protect the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. Legal gun owners' should not be the target of "feel good" legislation that does nothing to address the issue of crime. Too many lawmakers pass legislation that they can take back to their constituents to get re-elected but in reality has only made the problem worse. We have plenty of laws on the books that will prevent folks who should not have guns from getting them. The problem is, like many laws, we like to pass them but never follow up to make sure they are enforced. A new law that is not enforced will not solve the problem. We need real solutions that take hard work to solve our problems, not feel good legislation that targets the wrong people. Lets start imposing mandatory sentencing for people possessing and carry illegal guns. Those are the guns we need off the street.

Mike on the State of Politics in our Country

Nationally our politicians and the media seem to be driving a wedge between all of us. They have chosen sides. They want us to choose as well and many of us have. Never since the Civil War have we been so divided. Our leaders speak of unity but can't resist the powers that persist in our current political climate. They cave in to pressures from party leaders and many fall prey to the lust for power. They forget about us and what is best for our country and state. They come from all walks. The left and the right pit neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, and poor against rich. The future of our country and state rests with all of us who stand proudly in the middle simply wanting to do what is right for all of us, not just a select few. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said "the time is always right to do the right thing." Today is that day to do the right thing. Go to the ballot box and vote for people who bring solutions to the table. Vote for people who listen more than they speak. Vote for people who want to stand up and say this ends today! Vote for people who don't see party, or color, or age, or gender. Cast a vote that is about solutions to real problems. Cast a vote for somebody who will reach across the aisle and silence political division. Cast a vote for somebody who will reach out a hand to help his fellow man get back on his feet, not wallow in dependence. Cast a vote for somebody who represents the 70-80% of us who don't care what party you represent or what color your skin is. Cast a vote you can be proud of this time. I hope you will find me worthy to serve you. I promise to make you proud.

The Green Flight out of Maryland!

This map shows how much money Maryland has lost by taxing it's citizens at rates that make them flee the free state! Notice Delaware and Virginia, our neighbors reaping the benefits of the flight out of Maryland. We must stop this flight at the polls in June and November of 2014. I will vote for tax relief for citizens and businesses in the state of Maryland which will put your hard earned money back in your pocket and will bring jobs back to the state we all love.

See map below. Click here for more info.