Mike Blizzard Will Stand For

  • Eliminating Wasteful Spending
  • Reducing Taxes
  • Improving Education
  • Restoring the American Dream
  • Protection of 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Improving the Business Climate in Maryland
  • Finding Real Solutions to Real Problems



  Mike and his wife, Kristin, along with their two young children, are looking forward to a successful campaign and a chance to improve the lives of Harford residents.  

My name is Mike Blizzard and I'm running for Delegate in District 34A in Harford County Maryland.

Please review our website. It contains information essential to you, as a voter, concerning your consideration of my candidacy.

I enjoyed meeting many friends at the Harford County Farm Fair.

Please continue to let me know your concerns for our state and county and visit all the sections of our website.

// Mike